Rowan students talk about their college debt

In 2016, the average undergraduate student left college with an estimated $37,172 in loan debt, according to Forbes. Second only to mortgage borrowers, there were over 44 million students racking up a total of $1.28 trillion in loan debt. This means that a college graduate would have to pay at least $351 a month over the course of 10 years to pay off their student loans.

Compared to other schools, Rowan University is relatively affordable, costing in-state students $25,056 in yearly tuition fees. However, most students are not able to pay for tuition out of pocket and are forced to take out student loans. Here is what nine current Rowan students had to say about their debt and the future going forward.



Special thanks to the students in this video:

Casey Bisnouthsing, 18
Freshman, Undeclared
Albright, NJ

Donovan Francois, 18
Freshman, Pre-med
Freehold, NJ

Melinda Ballard, 21
Junior, Radio/Television/Film
Washington, NJ

Hailee Perez, 20
Junior, Psychology
Freehold, NJ

Amanda Isabella, 19
Sophomore, Radio/Television/Film
Weehawken, NJ

Kayla Vitulano, 19
Sophomore, Elementary Education
Ringwood, NJ

Dan DeMonte, 21
Junior, Engineering
Milestone, NJ

Carlo Lingesso, 20
Junior, Communication/Writing Arts
Marlton, NJ

Shekh Islam, 19
Freshman, Undeclared
Deptford, NJ




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